What to Do if a Tenant Abandons Your Rental Property

If you have confirmed that you rental property has been abandoned by the tenant, both from signs of abandonment and from your property neighbors, there are several steps you must take before you go into and clean out the property.

Try to Contact Your Renters

Try several times to get get a hold of your renters, by calling them at home, work and through their references. Send a registered letter to them as well. Make sure to keep track of all your attempts to make sure you are covered by law.

Most landlords are able to go into the property 24 hours after initially contacting the tenant. Though in abandonment, you should talk to the police first, you may be able to go into your property to make sure it is secure after that period of time.

File a Report with the Police

If your property is not locked up or secure, call the police and ask them to come and file a report at the property. Make sure you are there when they come so that you can show them your potential concerns.

Get a Possession Order

It is required by law that you get a court possession order before you go into your property. When you do get the order, you will need to go into the property with a sheriff to take inventory of what had been left behind and access the situation.

After taking inventory, you may remove the possessions and place them into storage for a set amount of time, depending on what the law requires. Try to notify your tenant to contact you for their possessions within that amount of time. If you do not hear from them, you may either throw away, donate or sell the items to help compensate for your time and loss.

It is very important that you follow that law so that you will not get into any legal trouble if your tenant decides to sue you in the future.