What to Do in the First 24 Hours in Your New Home

The big day has arrived, and all of your possessions are finally in your new space. It’s safe to say, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “OK. Where do I start?”

We understand this predicament, which is why we are here to help. This guide will help you plan out what to tackle in the first 24 hours in your new home.

Set Up Wi-Fi

wireless router

This one is first for a reason. One thing that is crucial in today’s tech savvy world is Wi-Fi. Make sure you schedule your Wi-Fi installation as soon as you can in order to avoid connectivity problems. Normally we don't recommend scheduling any appointments on move-in day, but this is the exception to our rule.

Plus, the first day of a move is always stressful. At some point during the day, you’ll inevitably need the internet for something. Whether it is to look up the nearest pizza spot or to crash at the end of the night with some good ole’ web surfing, you’ll be glad you’ve got your Wi-Fi ready to go.

Unpack Essentials

toothbrush on bathroom sink

During the moving process, we hope that you packed and labeled your boxes according to the rooms they came from/are going to. If you didn’t do this, you have our deepest condolences…

However, if you thought ahead and have all your items packed and labeled by room or function, you’re doing great! With any luck, your movers (or friendly helping hands) should have placed your boxes in the rooms corresponding with each box's label. This should have already saved you a lot of stress.

Now, it is time to crack on with unpacking the essential items. Your essential items—such as your toiletries, medications, bedding, towels, clothing, kitchen utensils, (essential) electronics, and other items you may personally regard as essential—should all be easily accessible when unpacking.

Thus, before you move, be mindful of where you’re packing your must-have items. Hopefully you're reading this before you pack in preparation for the move.

Remember to Pace Yourself

Make sure you don’t go overboard and unpack too much at once. The chances are that you will get a little ahead of yourself at some point, but try to reel it back in the best you can. Too much unpacking at once just causes complete clutter chaos due to a lack of established storage space in your new home, since you probably haven’t assembled shelving units or wardrobes yet.

Remember that moving into your new place is a lengthy process that doesn’t need additional unnecessary stress. Pace yourself and protect yourself as you move into your new home.

Install Home Security Devices

Not many people consider how vulnerable they and their possessions may be in the first few days and weeks of moving into their new homes. It is important to have a home security plan in place early on. If you already have a home security system, we recommend installing it within the first 24 hours of being in your home.

When you first move in, you invite thieves to help themselves with all your discarded empty boxes and bags and curtain-less windows showing off you’re awesome electronics. Unpacking and settling in can take a month depending on the size of the home and quantity of items, which means it can take a few days to install window coverings. And it can take even longer to get rid of all the evidence of high-priced belongings. Installing home security devices will let burglars know that even among the chaos, you aren’t leaving any holes in your home security for them to take advantage of.