What to do When Your Oil Pressure Light Comes On

Oil pressure light comes on to indicate various states of different systems associated with the engine. It is highly recommended to immediately pull over and shut off the engine if the light comes on. The reasons are that it could be a simple false alarm or a serious problem with the car’s system. Checking it thoroughly should easily establish the cause of the problem.

Oil Level

This is the first thing to check whenever the oil pressure light comes on. Topping up the oil corrects the problem, driving with low oil can easily destroy the engine.

Condition of the Oil and Oil Filter

If the oil is smelly than usual then it might be diluted. Check whether the injector is leaky and replace it with a new one if needed. If the oil is thinned, then the oil pressure light might come on. Another reason is that the oil might be contaminated, unclean, or of poor grade.

Only use high quality oil filter with a car’s engine. It maintains the integrity of the oil which is valuable to the engine’s system.


Check the state of wiring to the sensor. Find out if it is broken and make necessary repairs.