What to Include in Dorm Room Bathroom Decorating

What You'll Need
Black board
Large Cork Board
Velcro Tape
Colorful Chalk
Shower Curtain

A dorm room and its bathroom are often confined spaces that you will have to share with at least one or two roommates. While the area is limited in its size, the range of decorative possibilities are not. You can consider decorating your bathroom using the following simple, yet highly effective ideas.

Step 1: Personalizing your Space

You can personalize your bathroom by purchasing a black board or a large cork board big enough to cover an empty wall of the bathroom. It should then be secured firmly to the wall using Velcro tape. You can purchase a box of colorful chalks to keep with the board, and either you or visiting friends can leave messages on the board. You could even clean it completely once a week and see what creativity the next week would bring in.

You can hang the cork board behind the door or over the toilet tank and scatter an abundance of colorful tacks. Hang test schedules, to-do lists, photos of family or friends, cards, notes and other personal items. You can even leave reminders on the board for your roommates.

Step 2: Color Coordinated Bathroom  

Nothing like a color coordinated bathroom. You could come to an agreement with your roommates on the general color they want in the bathroom, and then go on to purchase shampoo holders, toothbrush holders, and other accessories for the bathroom in the same color. You could even choose two sets of colors if you cannot come to an agreement, and alternative them bi-weekly. Towels make a great addition to bathrooms and you can purchase them cheaply. Shower curtains and rugs should also be color coordinated.

Step 3: Vacation Bathroom Design  

If you want to make your bathroom a truly unique getaway, give it a “vacation” touch. Hang up an imposing travel poster of a destination special to you. Coordinate bathroom accessories with the color scheme of the poster. For instance, if you enjoy beach vacations, select a beach poster, then coordinate with either sea blue or yellow rugs, curtains and towels.

Step 4: Eclectic Bathroom Design

If your tastes are more eclectic, you can consider hanging all sorts of mirrors. Not only are they great in creating the illusion of space, but mirrors spice up any living area. You can find a variety of frames, shapes and sizes of mirrors and hang them as a collage by mixing them up. If you want to be more creative, display them nonlinearly, so they can bounce off light. The effect will be truly remarkable.

Step 5: Exploring Other Themes

Other themes you and your roommates could consider for your room could include aquatic themes, complete with natural and neutral colors. Pink themes are great for girls sharing a room, and you could paint one side of the wall (or use wallpaper) pink. You can even consider converting your bathroom into your personal spa retreat, complete with face masks, bath salts, scented candles and other accessories.