What to Know About Boiler Capacity What to Know About Boiler Capacity

If you are confused by what is meant by boiler capacity, you are not alone. The different terms used to express boiler capacity are hard to decipher because not all the manufacturers that produce and manufacture boilers adhere to a single set of standards to describe boiler capacity. Below are a few different types of terms and ratings you will find as you search out a new boiler.

Square Feet Ratings

Some manufacturers will discuss the capacity of a boiler as it relates to a square footage of a home. So, you may find a rating to say that the boiler can heat 2000 sq. ft. If your home is larger than 2000 sq. ft., you will need a boiler with a bigger and better capacity.

Rated Boiler Horsepower

Rated Boiler Horsepower (BHP) is a rating that describes how much water per hour, at a basic temperature, will changed into a hot steam.

Percent Rating

This type of rating, again, refers to the steam production from water. It rates the maximum amount of steam that is generated per hour. The steam is usually rated in pounds or tonnes per hour. This is the best type of rating or guide to use when you are looking to check a boiler's capacity. Large boilers, for example, are usually given under this rating. As a boiler capacity increases, this percentage increases.

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