What to Know Before Buying A Fireplace Kit What to Know Before Buying A Fireplace Kit

A fireplace kit, whether indoors or outdoors, is a great addition and can bring some added value to your home. Before you buy your kit, be sure to consider such factors as location of the kit, how it should be installed, and the best design suitable for your space.

Find a Good Location

Will your fireplace be indoors or outdoors? While the basic concept is the same, the designs are slightly different. You’ll need to decide on an area you want to place the new fireplace and consider the advantages and disadvantages. An indoor kit may take away from some valuable living space. while outdoor kits will take away from your yard space.

Prepare for Obstacles

If you’re planning on having a fireplace kit installed indoors, you will want to call a professional to go over the specifications with you. Most states have laws concerning where a kit can be placed as well as an acceptable size for a home. Be prepared just in case you may need to remodel an area for the kit. If you’re placing the kit outdoors, then you will need to take into account such things as your garden, plants, trees, and decks if you have them. It’s smart to keep a fireplace far from these materials and items as they can quickly catch fire.

Consider the Space

If you have a 1200 square foot home, for example, then you will need to look at designs that are smaller in size. If your backyard isn’t terribly roomy, you may want to consider a pit or recessed design over a traditional full fireplace kit. Buying a kit that will be efficient in the space you have available is very important. If you install one that is too small or too big, it may not function properly or create problems in the space that you have left over.

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