What to Know Before Buying a Front Door

Before you buy front door kits for your home, there are several things you should know. Consider the following:


Front doors come in a variety of materials. Before you start your search, you should be aware that you will find wood in a variety of finishes, fiberglass, and metal doors from which to choose.

Wood doors have a great look buy may require more maintenance. Fiberglass are durable and are likely well insulated, but they may not come in the style you like. Metal doors may not be as attractive.


Different doors and especially door frames have different security levels. Getting a sturdy doorframe and a metal door is more secure than a wooden door.

Doors with many windows are attractive, but not secure from break-ins.

Locks are important when considering security. Make sure to have deadbolts on your front door, and be sure screws for the strike plate extend all the way into the studs, not just the door frame.

Size of Door

There are many different door sizes, so be aware of the possibilities before you go to buy. The door itself will likely be in either 32” or 36” size, but the sidelites and other decorative additions can add to the size.