What to Know Before Buying Fiberglass Shingles What to Know Before Buying Fiberglass Shingles

The use of fiberglass shingles has become more and more prevalent as contractors and homeowners are seeking inexpensive ways to cover a roof with a quality material. Fiberglass shingles have much of the durability than wood and metal shingles do for a fraction of the cost. When considering using fiberglass shingles, there are a few things you should know.

Check the Fire Rating

Fiberglass shingles use a formaldehyde resin and glass fibers bond that is sealed by asphalt. This mixture gives fiberglass shingles a higher fire rating than traditional organic asphalt shingles. A package of fiberglass shingles should have a fire code rating of A. If the rating is a B or lower, the shingles are primarily asphalt, not fiberglass. Knowing this will ensure that you receive the product you paid for.

Understand the Cold

Cold temperatures make fiberglass shingles more brittle. You should store the shingles in a warm area if installing in a cold month before use. The process of hand tacking may be necessary. Hand tacking is accomplished by applying a small dollop of cement onto the shingle so that it sticks to the roof better. Hand tacking should be done if the temperature is cold and there is a concern about the tiles sticking in place properly.

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