What to Look for in Bathroom Wallboard What to Look for in Bathroom Wallboard

If you are looking for a different type of bathroom wallboard, then you may be stuck for ideas. There are a number of different types of wallboard, and in the past, these were usually the same basic drywall, which was then plastered over to provide the base for wallpaper or paint. In more modern times, bathroom wall board has expanded into its own range of sheetrock.


If you are looking for a good, easily fitted bathroom wallboard, then you should consider the paperless board. These have fiberglass wrapped in it, and this makes it more resistant to moisture, which can be an essential feature of a bathroom wallboard. However, the surface is a little rough, so you may want to use texturing to cover the wall before painting.

Green Board

This is the most common type of wall board available for use in bathrooms. This is considered to be water resistant, although it is not typically completely waterproof. In fact, in some areas, your local authority may have regulations which stipulate where the green board can be placed, which can be inconvenient.

Cement Board

This type of board is used where green board cannot be installed. As cement board is made from a mixture of cement and fiberglass, then it is tough enough to withstand some moisture.

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