What to Look For in Electrical Tool Kits

Tools in electrical tool kits are designed to be used on the power sources and components in your home. When you are working on these components, it is important that you are using the right tools to get the job done.
Types of Electrical Tools

The electric tool kit for the work in your home will contain tools that are from a few different categories. There are tools that are designed to work on the wiring in your home, tools for installing electrical systems in the home, and tools that are designed to test the electrical components in the home.There should also be tools in the tool kit that are common to household tool kits as well.

  • Wiring Tools

    The wire stripper and cutter is the most important tool in the electrical tool kit. This will prepare the wires for installation and repair. The stripper should have grooves for various wire sizes. The cutter part of the tool will also be used to cut the wire effectively and cleanly. Screwdrivers and other tools that are common to many household tool kits are found in the electricians tool kit, but they are often of a smaller size.
  • Installation Tools

    Many household electrical tool kits do not contain the installation tools, but if you are experienced at installing electrical systems and components, you might have a few of these tools in your kit. The tools are designed to bend and cut conduit as well as tools that can cut through a wall to install the conduit. The installation tools will also have items for pulling wires through the wall and other areas that are enclosed.
  • Testing Equipment

    Good electrical tool kits should contain a number of testing tools for the electrical components in the home. A digital multimeter is a common tool to many of these tool kits. This is used to test the circuits in the home and many home tool kits have these devices included.  A trained electrician can use this tool for much more than the homeowner typically is able to use it for.


Working with electricity requires a great deal of safety precautions. Gloves and safety glasses should be included in all household tool kits.  Make sure that electricity is turned off before working on any electrical component in your home. Verify more than once that the power is off before you start your work. Electricians will tag the wires to verify that the power has been shut off and that no one turns it back on while working.

Having a good household tool kit should include many of these electrical tools. You can have a special tool box for your electrical work and one for the standard repairs that are done in your home. Never attempt electrical work unless you know what you are doing. Installation and wiring should be handled by an expert or professional and not a beginner electrician.  The potential for accident is too great with electrical work.