What to Look for in Residential Solar Energy Kits

Residential solar energy kits are becoming a popular way for homeowners to utilize solar power, cut energy costs, and positively impact the environment. Solar kits available at home improvement stores or through online retailers allow homeowners to experience some of the cost savings and positive effects of using renewable energy without a significant financial investment. When shopping for a solar energy kit consumers should consider the required installation materials, output-wattage, and the kit’s ease of installation.

Required Installation Materials

Careful research is necessary before reaching for the least expensive solar kit. Some kits on the market come with everything a homeowner needs for installation, including an inverter, array wires, and mounting brackets. However, many kits require homeowners to purchase installation materials at an additional expense, significantly increasing the total cost of the kit. 


As the wattage or output of the solar kit increases, so does the price. Homeowners should determine the amount of output they need or expect from their system before beginning the shopping process. Knowing the output requirements of the kit allows homeowners to focus on and comparison shop only for systems that will meet their needs.

Ease of Installation

Homeowners should look for solar kits that are easy to install. View the kit’s instructions before making a purchase and make sure that the instructions are easy to follow and understand. Look for manufacturers that provide live installation support via telephone or the internet. Additionally, some solar kits are equipped with panels that have their own inverter installed directly on the panel. This feature allows homeowners to bypass the process of purchasing a separate inverter to convert DC power to AC power commonly used by the electric grid, appliances, and electronics. Although more expensive, these solar kits significantly reduce the time and effort required for successful installation.