What to Look for in Toilet Repair Kits

A toilet surrounded by tools.

Toilets are very simply designed mechanical devices, and when they need repair, toilet repair kits are available. Repair kits usually include several items that are universal to all toilets, provided the toilet is a gravity flush toilet.

1. Flapper

The repair kit should include a replacement flapper valve for your toilet. Your toilet may not need a flapper, but you can retain it for use at a later date.

2. Flush Valve

Adjustable flush valves should also be included in your toilet repair kit. The kits come with adjustable valves so that you can alter the specifications to fit your own particular toilet.

3. Fill Valves

The toilet repair kit will also include a fill valve which you may need to replace your old one with. The fill valve is the valve which opens to let the fresh water fill the tank once you have flushed.

4. Hardware

Installation hardware, such as replacement washers, bolts, and plastic fittings, will also be a part of your new toilet repair kit. The washers come in different sizes to allow you to customize your repairs according to your own toilet. All washers, bolts, and plastic fittings will be equally universal to all gravity flush toilets.