What to Look for When Buying a Baseboard Heater

A baseboard heater is an ideal source of heat when considering low cost of installation and convenience in such appliances. Since it requires very little space, this device can be used in many different settings in the home, such as a bedroom, living area or office. It functions quietly and can be controlled to provide warmth just as it is required.


These devices are affordable, and the cost varies with its design, size and material used for construction. If there is a different primary source of heat in the home, you can but a smaller and less expensive base board heater for use in other rooms.

Keep in mind low costs associated with installation, too. These devices are easy for any adult to install, and they can be placed anywhere safe in the room.

Ease of Repair and Maintenance

Baseboard heaters are easy to use, which makes them less prone to damage and injury to users. In case the device develops fault, you can easily repair it at home instead of calling in a professional. Quality baseboard heaters do not require a lot of maintenance. You must regularly dust it and inspect heating ducts and thermostats.

Available Space

When selecting a baseboard heater, consider the size of the room where it will be installed. Smaller heaters are ideal for small areas and they might not be adequate for a large room. Note that these appliances do not require much space.

It is recommended to install a baseboard heater under a window at a safe distance from furniture and other items in the home. Avoid positioning it near drapes or electric outlets.

Source of Fuel

Electric baseboard heaters are efficient as they keep a space consistently warm. They heat the air around the room, and a thermostat controls heat as it is needed. Choose between oil, gas or electric-heated baseboard heater. Electric devices are more-cost effective and they help to save money.

Design of Baseboard Heater

Select a baseboard heater that is visually appealing as it helps to add aesthetic value to a room or office. They are available in different colors, styles and shapes which makes it easy for them to sit in well with other home or office décor items.

Portable Baseboard Heater

It is advisable to buy a portable baseboard heater if there is an existing primary heating device in the home. If it is to be used as a supplementary source of warmth, then install it in the living room and keep it away during hot seasons. A portable appliance can be used in different rooms by different people when there is need. This helps to save on costs and space too.


Make sure that the equipment is safe enough to use at home. Have it tested and inspect the heating cable and plugs. Confirm all components are in good condition before installing it in the home. Teach all people in the home how to safely control and use the baseboard heater too.