What to Look for When Buying a Faux Stone Fireplace What to Look for When Buying a Faux Stone Fireplace

There’s no better way to add an element of style and create ambiance in your home than by installing a faux stone fireplace. Traditional fireplaces can be very costly or expensive due to massive renovations and chimney installations that need to be done to the living room. Not many homes have a chimney but still the homeowners of these homes still desire to have a fireplace. Faux stone fireplaces allow homeowners to have their dream fireplace without having to install a chimney. And so, many people have resorted to buying a faux stone fireplace. Many factors contribute to why people choose a particular faux stone fireplace. It can be a difficult process, so it is better if you know what you want and what to expect before going out into the marketplace.

Faux Fireplace Sources

There’s a variety of places where one can purchase a faux stone fireplace. You can buy online or in-store from your favorite retailer. The benefit of in-store purchases is that you can see the actual fireplace before making the purchase. Online purchases are sometimes cheaper but you are not sure of how the product will look like when it is delivered to you. Be prepared for additional costs such as shipping fees, self- installation and home assembly. Check well on the shipping fees which if added with the online price may eventually add up to the same price as in-store prices.

Location of New Fireplace

Decide on where you want to place the faux stone fireplace in your home. Take note of the measurement of the space available for the fireplace and take into consideration the motif, theme, furniture and colors of the room. Decide on the budget or amount of money you are willing to spend. These things are important considerations that will help you decide on what type and design of faux stone fireplace to purchase and install.

Limited Fireplace Space

If there’s limited fireplace space, choose a corner faux stone fireplace. These are normally found in studio type apartments and condominiums.

Types of Faux Stone Fireplaces

There are a lot of options available for faux stone fireplaces. There are direct vents, ventless, decorative or electric fireplaces. Each type has different installation methods, pros and cons. The best faux stone fireplaces are the direct vent fireplaces because this has ventilation tubes that send harmful vapors outside of the home. Ventless fireplaces have no ventilation tubes. This type of fireplace raised concerns because it can produce carbon monoxide if not properly installed. There are also decorative or electric faux stone fireplaces which are ideal for apartments because they can be plugged into the wall, These fireplaces do not produce harmful vapors and are portable and do not require wood, natural gas or fuel.

Material of the Faux Stone Fireplace

There’s a variety of faux stone fireplaces. There are fireplaces that are made out of gypsum or polyurethane. These materials, if constructed properly, can really look like the real thing!

After-Sales Service

Most products today have after-sales service. It’s better to be sure that the manufacturer will help you if in case there are problems on installation and assembly of your new fireplace.


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