What to Look for when Buying a Fireplace Tool Set

A fireplace.

Are you looking to buy a fireplace tool set for your new home or fireplace? Or maybe you are re-doing your home and want to buy a fireplace set that matches the new furnishings? Well, you probably want to do this without breaking the bank, but all the while making sure you get a good set that not only looks good but will last a long time. Here are some things you should look out for when buying a fireplace tool set.

Decide on Materials

When you look at fireplace tool sets, you will notice that they are made in different styles. The most common ones are brass or iron.

Solid brass sets are more traditional and formal, and you will often see them in older homes and estates. They come in many different elegant styles and designs, all made to look traditional and formal. The most expensive sets you will buy will be solid brass, although some wrought iron sets can also be expensive. Sometimes, however, you can buy beautiful brass sets that have steel shafts to cut costs that in no way impacts the functionality or look of the set. Be on the look out for these.

You can also buy slightly cheaper brass sets, but these are lighter in weight and have a slightly less well done finishing. These are, however, a good bargain if you don't want to spend a lot but want a set that looks really pricey. The cheapest ones are brass plated but steel made. They are usually not good for long term use and are only used for decorations in homes.

Iron tool sets are also very popular and tend to be more casual then decorative. Look for some nice sets in this material if you want a cheaper set.

Decide on Whether You want Individual Pieces or a Set?

Many people do not know why they should buy a set of fireplace tools as compared to just buying the pieces they need. You will probably, at one time or another, need all the pieces in a set, so it is a good idea to buy them in a matching set rather than buy individual pieces that won't match later. People who don't use their fireplace that much might benefit from buying the individual components as well, but the set is always more aesthetically pleasing.

Shop around for Sturdy Tools

Always handle the set before you buy as people often complain, after having bought a set, that since they hadn't handled it they didn't realize that the handles were loose or there was another issue with the set. Make sure you buy a set that has a swedged handle as that will not come off, no matter how much you use it.

Decide on the Size of the Set

Finally, before you buy, make sure you are buying a set that is a size that suits you. Make sure it will look good next to your fireplace and proportionally not look at odds with it. The tools can be different lengths and a shorter length will mean you will need to be closer to the fire to use it. Basically make sure you get a length that both looks good and works well for you.