What to Look for when Buying a Shower Splash Guard What to Look for when Buying a Shower Splash Guard

A shower splash guard is an integral part of any bathroom. Because no showers are built perfectly, some water will always escape and some leakage will always occur. To stop this, most homeowners and contractors equip bathrooms with shower splash guards. A shower splash guard is a flat, triangular-shaped device that fits at the corners of showers and tubs. It helps to prevent water from escaping the shower or bathtub, protecting your walls and flooring against water damage and mildew. However, although it is simple enough to decide that you need a shower splash guard, it can be very difficult to find the right splash guard. Because there are many shapes, sizes and designs to shower systems, it is important to carefully consider the splash guard that you purchase to ensure that it will work well with your shower system

What Is Right for You?

When purchasing a shower splash guard be sure to select a quality model that suits your shower configuration. Avoid "one size fits all" products that promise to work miraculously in any bathroom situation. In the same vein, you should also avoid products that are touted as being extremely customizable. Although you certainly shouldn't install a shower splash guard that clashes with your bathroom decor, anything that promises to be "fun" and "personal" may be sacrificing functionality for aesthetic appeal. Beyond that, simply ensuring that the shower guard you are considering purchasing is good quality should suffice. Beware of plastic that is too thin or cracks easily, and make sire it is somewhat customizable for a snug fit. You shouldn't have to buy additional supplies to make it fit.

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