What to Look for when Buying a Stainless Steel Chimney Hood

There are many features one has to look for when buying a stainless steel chimney hood. Chimney hood is used to provide ventilation in the kitchen; it works similar to an exhaust fan. The chimney hood extracts all the fumes and vapors from the kitchen appliances. The chimney hood is wall-mounted and can be used for extraction as well as recirculation; it allows recycling the air in the kitchen and provides fresher air. There are many such chimneys being sold in the marketplace, but only few really meet the qualifications of its user.

Important Features

  • Stainless steel – Make sure the exterior and interior are made up of stainless steel, as most of the time, only the exterior is stainless steel and interior is not.
  • Filter – The filter should be easily removable, so that it can be cleaned and maintained at proper intervals. This is because a blocked filter will stop the whole system from working. Make sure the filter is either aluminum cassette filter or baffle filter. The aluminum filter is cheap but not durable while the baffle filter is expensive and heavy but efficient.
  • Ability to be cleaned – It should be possible to clean the chimney, make sure the corners are seamless, the aluminum filter is easier to clean and the baffle filter does not require frequent cleaning.
  • 3 Speed Fans – The speed of the fans should be adjustable according to the type of cooking you are doing. If you are cooking light meal, you will not need to put the system on full speed. Also, look for a hood with automatic delayed shut off and booster speed.
  • Lighting – Cooking area should be well lit so the lighting that the chimney hood provides is very important. Newer models of stainless steel chimney hood provide you with better lighting and look very good.
  • Heat sentry – Heat sentry is a feature that turns on the chimney whenever it detects any fume or vapor. Look for models that have this feature because it can save you the hassle of a fire alarm going off accidentally.
  • Extraction capacity – Make sure the extraction capacity is more than 500m3 per hour. Extraction capacity is the power in the machine that pulls out the air within range. The higher the rate of extraction, you will most likely pay a higher price for it as well. Be careful when looking at high extraction capacity models however, because of the noise produced as the result of extraction. Ask for an associate to turn on a machine in the store to check for the noise before buying one.

Additional features include sliding chimney hoods, easy access control, PVC pipe for exhaust purpose, halogen lighting and centrifugal blower. Make sure when choosing that the chimney is easy to use and clean and is designed to fit in with your kitchen. Consider all the points mentioned above before you finally choose the one for you.