What to Look for when Buying an Apron Front Sink

Apron front sinks are lauded for their classic style and rustic appeal. They come in a variety of variations, colors, and materials, and so can be chosen to mesh with any room's decor. However, as demand for apron front sinks rises, a wider variety of sinks flood the market, making your shopping a potentially painful task.


Cast iron is the most common material used to make apron front sinks. The cast iron is usually covered with a white, enamel finish, but there are some variations. It is now possible to purchase apron front sinks in different materials, such as china, copper, granite, soapstone, and stainless steel. The material you want your sink to be made out of depends on the decor in your kitchen and how much maintenance you are willing to perform on your sink.


Although it is possible to find styles of apron front sinks that have altered the "original" look quite a bit, it is most common to find apron front sinks that venture little from the classic style. It is even possible to purchase apron front sinks that are replicas of antique sinks. Purchasing antique apron front sinks is a costly and impractical venture for most buyers, considering the unique maintenance tasks involved in renovating an antique sink, but the replications are usually similar enough for most homeowners to be satisfied. Apron front sinks are usually offered as singles or doubles, and many manufacturers will be willing to commission a custom sink for individuals who need or would like an unusual shape.