What to Look for when Buying Chimney Surrounds Kits

Chimney surrounds kits are very useful when you want to replicate the look of an old school brick and mortar chimney. Let’s face the facts—the grey colored pipes that pass for chimneys these days, though functional, aren’t very attractive. Installing a full blown brick and mortar chimney is prohibitively expensive. Chimney surrounds are the best way to conceal the ugly pipes sticking out of your roof.

Chimney surrounds offer a number of advantages. These chimney surrounds kits are usually made of galvanized steel; so you can be sure that they will give you years of service. Most of these kits are fairly easy to install, although the installation options will also vary based on the shape and structure of your roof. Best of all, these chimney surrounds are designed to look like natural brick and mortar chimneys. In fact, the only person who will be able to tell the difference is the person who is installing the chimney surround. Here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you’re in the market to buy chimney surrounds kits.


Most chimney surrounds are made of galvanized steel sheets that interlock into each other. These interlocking sheets are attached to a bracket which is securely bolted to the roof of your house. While the installation is not very complex, it can pose some challenges because all the work needs to be done up on the roof. Many stores offer to install these chimney surrounds kits for a nominal charge or free of cost. This can be of invaluable help, especially if you’re not very adept at do-it-yourself projects. The installation options offered by the store should be the first criterion to keep in mind when buying chimney surrounds kits.


Chimney surrounds kits come in different shapes and sizes. There are rectangular, square, and round chimney surrounds available in the market. Most surrounds are either 4 or 6 feet high and are generally designed to for roofs with a 4:12 pitch. These figures will vary significantly based on the design of your roof and chimney. It is important to ensure that the chimney surrounds kit that you buy, will properly fit around your chimney. Many stores carry out a pre-installation survey to determine the best surrounds kit from your chimney. This eliminates all guess work and you can rest assured that your surrounds kit will fit perfectly.


Chimney surrounds are designed to mimic the color and texture of brick and mortar chimneys. However, different kinds of bricks have different colors and textures. When buying a chimney surrounds kit, you should look for one that closely matches the color scheme and appearance of the materials used in your house. For example, red-colored chimney surrounds will look very out of place on a building that is made with tan-colored bricks.


Chimney surrounds kits are basically sheets of galvanized metal that are designed to look like brick and mortar chimneys, so they shouldn’t cost you the earth. Check the prices at different hardware stores. You can also get good deals on chimney surrounds kits online. However, price shouldn’t be the sole factor; if a store is offering custom kits or installation for a small additional charge, go for it.