What to Look for with a Concrete Lift What to Look for with a Concrete Lift

A concrete lift is a machine that lifts heavy concrete from a lower elevation to higher elevation. The machine also comes with a mixer that will automatically mix the mortar, water and aggregates together before being lifted, so when working in a construction project that requires pouring concrete in a higher elevation, consider buying or renting a concrete lift. But before doing so, consider the information below.

Hopper Capacity

When shopping around for a lift, determine the required capacity that is best suited for the construction project. The hopper in the lift can carry a load of 200 liters or so, depending on the needed requirements. For heavy duty lifting, make sure to find one that has a higher hopper capacity. Higher capacity means faster work speed. For lightweight construction projects, lifts with lower hopper capacity can do just fine.

Height Requirements

Lifts can carry the concrete load to as high as 100 feet. However, for home or small office construction, the lift does not need to be that high. Determine the height requirements commonly needed for small-sized construction projects and use this as one of the bases when choosing a concrete lift. Since the reason for buying a lift is to elevate the concrete load to a higher elevation, always consider this factor.


Since concrete lifts come with mixers, check if the mixers are automated. Some machines have mixers that require some manual mixing, while some are completely automated. When choosing any other product, automation is a factor to look forward to because it makes the process a lot easier and faster, thus saving both time and effort.

Power Used

Determine as well how the machine is powered. They come in diesel-powered or electric-powered types. Although electricity saves a lot on the use of oil, it does have its disadvantages. When working in an area where electricity is a far from reach, electric-powered lifts are useless. Diesel-powered types are more flexible because they can be used in any area, whether there is an electrical power source or not. There are also machines that can be powered both ways. These types are the most flexible of all because the operator can shift power sources anytime.


Price is always a concern when shopping for any product in the market. Since concrete lifts are big power machines, they do not come in cheap. The price can range from $1500 to $5,000 and will depend on factors such as brand, model, and sophistication. Purchasing your own lift is expensive. If you won’t have that much projects to work on that need concrete lifting (at present or in the future), it is more prudent to rent a lift instead, especially if for-rent lifts are available in your area.

Other Things to Look for

When looking for a concrete lift, check the style, design, operational information, and others. Read product reviews from both professional builders and DIYers to know which brands perform within expectations. Get as much information as possible in order to get the best machine for the job.

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