What to Plant in Front of Garden Borders

Well planned and prepared garden borders can be the difference between your garden being a run-of-the mill garden and one that really stands out and demands attention to its beauty and style. But to get garden borders that can make your garden more memorable, you must first decide what types of plants or flowers (or even shrubs or tress) to plant in your garden borders. When deciding among the many various types to plant, you need to pay close attention to the plants you plant in the front, or on the outer edge, of your garden border.

Types of Plants to Consider

When considering different varieties and species of plants to go along the front edge of your garden borders, keep in mind that you choose varieties that are fairly short in height at maturity – so they don’t obstruct the view of plants or flowers behind them.

Then, you must determine what plants work well in your particular climate and region. While roses do very well outdoors in the Southeast, they don’t seem to blossom as well in the colder climate of the Northeastern U.S. Therefore, your first priority should be to find plants that perform well in your area.

The easiest way to research plants and flowers that will do well in your area is to find what your ‘Hardiness Zone’ is and plan accordingly. The United States Department of Agriculture publishes Hardiness Zone ratings for virtually every county and city in the United States, and has lists of plants, flowers, trees and shrubs that can thrive in each classification of zone. A quick Internet search will result in numerous sites that can give you more details.