What to Put in a Mudroom Cabinet

If you've recently added a mudroom cabinet to your home's side entry space, you may be wondering about the best things store in it. If so, you will find that you can store almost anything in this versatile cabinet.

Cleaning Supplies

Mudroom cabinets are good for storing assorted types of cleaning supplies, particularly those that you need for this type of space. If your  mudroom is constantly falling victim to dirt stains created by filthy footwear, you may want to consider storing floor cleaning products and scrub brushes in your new cabinet.

Additionally, if you keep pets in your mudroom, cabinets can be good places to store air fresheners and stain removal products.

Pet Supplies

As many people keep pets in mudrooms overnight, mudroom cabinets can be very good places in which to store pet foot, kitty litter and pet hair removal tools. In addition, heavy blankets for your pets can be stored in your cabinets during the winter months.

Outdoor Wear

If you or your family members own multiple jackets, hats or pairs of gloves, a mudroom cabinet can be a great place to store any outdoor wear that is currently out of season. Additional pairs of shoes, boots and other types of footwear can be stored in mudroom cabinets as well. If your cabinets are tall, consider using hooks to hang coats and other apparel.