What to Think About when Buying Fiberglass Resin What to Think About when Buying Fiberglass Resin

There are several things to think about before buying fiberglass resin. Fiberglass resin is a material created by combining fiberglass strings and resin. 

Features of Fiberglass Resin

Before buying fiberglass resin, you should first know exactly what it is and how it works. Fiberglass resin, sometimes called polyester resin, is far more affordable than other types of resins. When applying fiberglass resin to fiberglass, the combination creates heat. The heat helps to make the fiberglass resin pliable for smoothing and formation. Completion of fiberglass resin application requires the compound to retain heat because the resin begins to solidify and harden as it cools. This requires speedy and swift completion of tasks involving fiberglass resin to prevent the premature cooling of the resin. Once the resin cools completely it creates what a gelcoat that has all of the same features and properties as fiberglass. 

Where to Use

Before buying fiberglass resin, you should be sure that you are planning to use it for the proper task. Fiberglass resin, often used in repairs or restorations of vehicles, is common on boats, RVs, motorcycles and automobiles. Fiberglass resin is widely used to repair the fiberglass frames of vehicles. When applied, fiberglass resin hardens and becomes rigid and durable. After the applied resin has cooled, it hardens and becomes a shiny and smooth finish. A combination of fiberglass resin with pigments can create a resin that dries with added color or tint. Fiberglass resin has many uses other than on vehicles, such as in the construction of prefabricated structures such as shower stalls, bathtubs, fixtures and decorative columns. As well, fiberglass resin exists in the lining of suitcases and luggage, the outer coating of patio furniture and applications requiring weatherproofing and waterproofing other objects. 


When working with fiberglass and fiberglass resin, safety is vital. Fiberglass resin contains very fine glass fibers that can pierce the skin. The glass fibers are very small and can easily come loose from or fall out of fiberglass or fiberglass resin. Wearing gloves and protective clothing at all times is a necessity when working with fiberglass resin and fiberglass materials. As well, wearing protective eyewear is a necessity to provide the same protection to the eyes. Since the fibers in the resin are so small, inhalation through the nose and mouth can occur. To prevent inhalation of fiberglass fibers, you should also wear a mask when working with these materials.

Tips for Fiberglass Resin

When working with fiberglass resin, there are a few tips that can make your job successful. Many tasks requiring the use of fiberglass resin actually call for a mixture of fiberglass resin and a hardener. When mixing the two components, it is vital to add the correct amounts of both products. If you do not add enough hardener, your compound can be mushy and soft and not harden as desired. If you add too much hardener, the compound will be unusable or harden before your application is complete. You should always mix a small batch of your compound and test the ratios of each component before actually mixing for your task.

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