What to Want in a Lathe Spindle Adapter What to Want in a Lathe Spindle Adapter

A lathe spindle adapter is a device you can attach to a standing wood lathe, or in some cases to a vertical drill that is modified into a lathe, using a special chuck and base structure. In many cases your options may be limited do to the make and model of your unit, which could limit certain spindle attachments from being used because of compatibility.

What Adapters are Available?

The make and model of your lathe may limit what type of lathe spindle you can apply to your machine. Some companies use their own standard measurements, making it impossible not to use their attachments. You will want to check your users manual or compare sizes and measurements with other industry standards.

The Size of the Job

The size and shape of the lathe spindle will depend on the size piece you are working on. The actual piece needs to be attached between the spindles to be turned, which need to be secured to the wood. If the connecting ends are bigger than the piece to be worked, it will not hold it in place properly while being turned. The lathe spindle adapters come in a variety of ranges for any number of jobs, and you should match your spindle with the size, make and model of your machine. 

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