What Type of Entry Door is the Most Soundproof?

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If you’re looking for a soundproof entry door, there are 3 real choices. Without spending a great deal of money, you won’t find one that’s totally soundproof but you can still cut down on noise to a very large extent.

Solid Core

A solid core wood entry door will eliminate much of the sound. The fact that its solid means there is no empty space inside which can vibrate and vibration means noise. You want one that’s a good fit in the door, with excluder strips around it. Not only with this keep out the cold, but it will also eliminate extra noise by sealing any gaps.

PVC Door

A PVC entry door can be excellent at helping to soundproof a house. Be aware, though, that it needs to have a good thickness, and will be most effective if there’s no window in the door. A good PVC door will also offer security and keep your home well insulated, as long as you make sure there are no gaps around the door.

Steel Door

A steel entry door that fits well will offer the best soundproofing. This is due to their thickness and weight. You will need to make sure the frame is very square to accommodate the steel door.