What Type of Garage Ceiling Is Best for You?

Most people use their garage for their cars and storage, but others use it for an extra room. If that's the case the garage ceiling should look its best and remain safe, especially if you will be spending time in there. There is a large number of ceiling options that do-it-yourselfers should consider like popcorn, drywall or even Gypsum. It is best to figure of what type would work best under your current circumstances. For example, if you live in the West, you might not need a heavy material, and if you live in the East, you might be better off with something sturdier because of the changing weather. Here are a few choices to consider when adding a garage ceiling to what you already have.


Drywall is one of the easiest and most readily available materials to work with. Drywall is basically plaster that has been layered onto a board so it resembles an actual wall. The material is sturdy and is used by builders and contractors everywhere. It is inexpensive and easy to work with. It can also be painted over and textured for customized looks.


If you plan to use your garage for a loft or an extra room, think about soundproofing the ceiling. There are soundproof materials often available on a big roll at home improvement stores. The rolls have a sticky backing and should stay in place when tacked up. Another, perhaps better way, to get the full effect of soundproofing is to attach the material to drywall boards. The boards will also hide the soundproofing material.


The latest material to be used in garage ceilings is called gypsum, or ceiling panels that are constructed of sedentary rock. Gypsum panels are often placed over the ceiling frame. They are manufactured to be smaller than drywall and are less expensive. However, gypsum is not suitable for rooms that hold moisture or are susceptible to water damage. It is also not soundproof.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were big in the 1970s and have pretty much fallen by the wayside due to their possible asbestos connection. It is called a popcorn ceiling because of its texture which resembles small kernels. It can be sprayed on or painted on the ceiling. If you want the popcorn look, you can texture the drywall you already have in place to look like popcorn by using a sponge on a coat of plaster.

Styrofoam Tiles

Styrofoam tiles are an inexpensive and are an easy way to complete a garage ceiling. They come in large squares and are inserted into a frame already in place.


Cork has become a popular choice for ceilings because it is eco-friendly, looks nice and is easy to install. Complete cork panels can be purchased at home improvement stores. They come either waxed or unwaxed, depending on if you want the overall look of the ceiling to be shiny or dull.

Plastic Tiles

Plastic tiles come in all shades and sizes, as well as textures. They are cost-efficient, and have come a long way in style since they first came on the market. Plastic tiles are manufactured to be fire retardant and often look more expensive than they are because of their various fashion-forward finishes such as tin, copper or other metals.