What Type of Sink Strainer Works Best

A sink strainer is a plug that is used in your sink to stop large items from getting into the pipes and drains. The strainer is typically designed with holes large enough to allow water to pass through, but small enough to keep food and other particles from passing through. There are other types of sink strainers that do not have holes and simply fit in the drain opening for the sink.

Determining the Best Working Sink Strainer

The type of sink strainer that works best is based mostly on your personal preference. There is no one particular type of sink strainer that is recommended for use by a sink manufacturer. Sink strainers of all types do pretty much the same thing, or perform the same type of function. It would seem that the type of sink strainer that works best is one that is made from stainless steel in order to resist rusting, and can keep food and objects out of the drain.

Comparing Different Types of Sink Strainers

A home improvement center or kitchen and bath store have many different types of sink strainers available. You should make a trip to one of these retailers to view the different types and make a determination for yourself as to which one you believe is the best.