What Types of Rain Gutter Systems Last the Longest?

There are various types of rain gutter systems, each with their particular advantages and deficiencies. You will need to take into account the amount and intensity of rainwater the system will have to handle, and the size and pitch of your roof. Obviously, you want to choose the most efficient and durable system. Let us consider the types that are more prone to last longer.


Copper is, without doubt, the most commonly used material for rain gutter systems. It is durable, requires little maintenance, and also relatively affordable. There is also the option to buy it in varying sizes, so as to accommodate your particular needs. It can also be made to be seamless, at a slightly higher cost.


Rain gutter systems made from aluminium are relatively durable and also come in various sizes and widths. In fact, following copper, aluminium is the most popularly used. Aluminium systems also have the advantage of being relatively less prone to maintenance when compared to other materials. From an aesthetic point of view, they are available in various colors, although usually at a higher cost.


Vinyl is used as well, but it is not as durable as copper or aluminium. The main advantage of vinly systems is that it is easy to install and more affordable.