What We're Working On: Painting a Lawn Green

While most of the country is prepping for winter, about a third of it is in the grips of the worst drought in history. Either way, your lawn is going to die. Here at the DoItYourself home base, the drought is the issue, and in the interest of saving water the front lawn is super brown. It’s both environmentally responsible and ugly. What’s the solution? Paint.

What We're Working On, Painting a Lawn Green

The Product

There are several brands out there. We tested out LawnLift and Natural Green Grass Patch. Both are easy to mix and apply. They are water soluble while you’re working with them, but rain won’t wash the paint away once it’s dry. Both are also safe for pets, and the dogs didn’t really notice or care.

The Application

In a garden sprayer, mix the paint with water according to the directions. In this case we used an 11 parts water to 1 part paint ratio. Pump up the sprayer and paint the lawn in an overlapping, back and forth pattern. Pretty simple.

The Results

As you can see, the brown’s covered up and the lawn looks lively again. It’s a little crunchy to walk on, but so is dead grass, so it’s hard to tell if that’s from the paint or not. The color hasn’t transferred to clothes or dogs or tools that were left out in the damp. They say you may have to reapply after three months or so as the grass grows out, but since this lawn is really dead we’ll see if that’s necessary.


What We're Working On, Painting a Lawn Green


What We're Working On, Painting a Lawn Green