What You Should Know about Bird Feeders What You Should Know about Bird Feeders

A wonderful source of entertainment, bird feeders come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. You can attract a host of birds by offering them shelter, food and water, especially in the fall and spring when birds are migrating, and in the winter when food sources are scarce.

Following are some important facts on bird feeders.

Different Types of Birdfeeders Attract Different Types of Birds

If you wish to attract a variety of feathered species in your yard, you need to invest in a few different types of bird feeders. If there are some specific birds you want to attract, learn which feeders work best for that particular species.

No Two Birdfeeders Work the Same

You can purchase bird feeders either online or in stores. Before you do so, however, familiarize yourself with the various types and styles of bird feeders. Some are designed to hold tiny seeds while others are capable of holding larger seeds. Hummingbird feeders contain syrupy nectars, and other species are attracted to specially-designed feeders that have beak size and appetites in mind.

Purchase Only High-Quality Birdfeeders

The prices of bird feeders also varies with their types. When purchasing, make sure you buy only high quality models that are designed to withstand the pecking of birds and outdoor weather conditions. Each should have a strong, sturdy post or hanger, and the feeder holes should be reinforced with metal so squirrels and other prey will keep clear of them.

Some of the Most Common Type of Birdfeeders

The most common type of bird feeders available include:

  • Platform feeder
  • Tubular feeder
  • Hopper feeder
  • Window feeder
  • Suet feeder
  • Nectar feeder

If you do not find an appropriate bird feeder, you can try a hand at building your own. Look up the various plans online and design one from scratch. Wood is a great choice for building materials, if you plan on building something more elaborate than a plastic, feeding tube. 

If you are new to bird feeding and the various bird feeder options confuse you, it may be best to simply invest in a large tray feeder. You can select one that can hold ample food and allow a variety of birds to eat off it.

Bird Food Preferences

Different species of birds have different taste requirements. Woodpeckers, for instance, prefer bugs while hummingbirds enjoy nectar. Cardinals are non-migratory birds and need to look for food sources in the winter months. They feed on safflower and sunflower seeds and enjoy corn, so their bird feed can be composed of these elements. You can also consider offering peanuts, crackers, bread and apples to them.

Bird feeds can be bought especially to cater to individual bird tastes. Other bird food offerings include grain, all types of seeds, and fruit.

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