What You Should Know About Cedar Garage Doors

Cedar Garage Doors can be a beautiful option for the doors of your garage. Before you purchase your cedar doors, however, there are some advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration.

Advantages of Cedar

Cedar has a natural ability to withstand decay from moisture, parasites, and mold far better than most. This also means that there will be less maintenance needed in order upkeep the appearance of your doors because the color will not fade much. Cedar also tends to be lighter in weight, which is an important factor when considering the doors mechanical function.

Disadvantages of Cedar

Because cedar is a kind of wood and all wood is comprised of a cellulose fiber that can contract, it is more easily exposed to either hot or cold temperatures, ambient moisture, or rain. Simple contractions, or expansions, in the wood can cause the exterior finish to break which exposes the wood surface to potential moisture, mold, and staining below the finish surface. So while cedar and wood in general are more superficially beautiful, they are more vulnerable to damage compared to other artificial materials.

Before You Buy

Make sure to ask the following questions to the manufacturer, installer, or a hardware employee:

  • What is the average warranty for a cedar door?
  • How long will the factory finish hold up? 
  • What remedy is there should the finish fail?
  • What can I do to prevent structural damage?
  • Is there a certain kind available for the busier homeowner?

These questions will help get you the right cedar door should you decide that the door is right for your garage and your home.