What You Should Know About The Architect's Project Process What You Should Know About The Architect's Project Process

There are many different phases to an architects project process. Each architect usually has his or her own set of processes but you will find that they all usually adhere to four distinct phases within their own approach. The is goal to produce a building or a residence that not only is architecturally sound but makes a statement about the architect and their work.

Reviewing the Program with the Client

The first step in any architect project process starts with reviewing the design process program. An architect must give a full overall picture and information to the client. This helps to set expectations up front and it helps to make sure any concerns or misconceptions are laid out at the beginning of the project.

Designing a Schematic - Preliminary Design Concepts

The design of an architect's project is generally the first phase. It is the phase when the architect meets with the client on several occasions and begins to lay out the plans for how a project will be designed and developed. This phase depends a great deal on communication and conversation. Both the architect and the client must work together to develop a schematic for the project that meets the customer's wants and needs.

Owner Review and Input

When an architect is working with a client, they will need to have them review the preliminary design concepts before they are committed to formal drawings.

Document for the Construction Phase

The third phase of many architects planning and project process includes the development and written documentation of the construction process and design. This tends to be the most time consuming and labor intensive phase of the entire process. This is where a set of documents are designed to convey the construction and design aspects of the structure. The documents include what obligations each person or groups of people have in the project. This may include the architect, the engineer, the builder or developer and the construction manager.

Owner Approval and Submissions

The documents developed in the construction documentation phase are the documents that usually are submitted to the local municipality for approval. They are the set of documents that determine the viability of the project and ultimately will help to produce the construction permit. They are also the documents that are approved by the owner.


If a contractor has not already been chosen for the building project, the plans will be sent out for bidding by the various contractors. The general contractor will be required to find the sub trades that will be responsible for their domain. The project team will have to work to hire the right sub trade and they will work to coordinate the efforts of each of the trades. This phase is usually short and to the point.

Administration of the Project

Throughout the project, it is usually administered by both the township or municipality figures and by the architect or project managers.

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