What's Included in an Electric Car Kit?

In recent years, the electric car kit has become more popular as hobbyists and enthusiasts alike convert their conventional motorized vehicles into electric cars. Electric car kits provide the tools and parts necessary to convert most vehicles in a safe and easy method, without having to do a lot of research on which part will be needed.

Most kits are standardized so that they will work on most vehicles and they take into consideration the makes and parts in those vehicles. This makes converting the car easy and convenient. 

Things that are Generally Included

The following lists include most of the items that are included in most electric car kits. It is important to make sure you have everything you need to convert your particular car. These kits will come with everything needed to convert a gas-guzzling vehicle into an electric one, included batteries, chargers, fuses and more.

There are a few things you will need to get the electricity from the battery. These are:

  • Zivan NG3 battery charger
  • An AC/DC converter
  • Albright SW-200 main conductor
  • 400A main fuse and fuse block
  • Battery boxes
  • Several battery cables
  • Battery cable ends
  • Boots
  • Heat shrink
  • Markers
Other items may include:
  • Link-10 with prescaler, DC/DC, and shunt
  • A 25Ft marine charging cord
  • An inertia switch
  • Heater and relay
  • Power brake vacuum pump kit
  • Power brake vacuum pump reservoir
  • CAD wiring diagram and installation manual
  • 9" Motor to transmission adapter
  • Controller heat sink
  • Mounting plate
It is also important for you to make sure that your kit comes with a volt meter and a gauge holder (they do not come with all kits). These are important tools. The volt meter will allow you to see how much charge is left on your batteries and the distance that charge will get you, just as a fuel gauge on an standard gas vehicle would tell you how much gas you have left.The gauge holder will give your volt meter a place to sit securely. Make sure that you get good quality items so that you are not left stranded without electricity.
Make sure that the kit you purchase has the right items for your particular vehicle. If you have any questions, consult someone from your local dealership or car parts store to help you.

Price Estimate

Though purchasing an electric car kit may seem expensive, installing one of your vehicle will give you a guarantee that it will be able to run off of electricity after the installation. You will also be able to save money that you would have spent on gas or on problems that you would have come by doing a conversion without a kit. Most kits will run around $5000.


Electric car conversion kits are designed to make the purchaser be able to install the parts themselves easy and quickly, without worrying about other needed items.
An electric car can usually be charged at home, so that you do not need to worry about stopping at the gas station on your next trip, you only need to make sure to plug it in to charge.
Converting your car into an electric vehicle can be fun and convenient, and it could save you a lot of money in the long run if you plan ahead.