What's Special about a Buckwheat Neck Pillow?

A buckwheat neck pillow is often prescribed as a therapeutic pillow for various aches and pains. They are a natural product and retain their shape very well.

What are They Used For?

Buckwheat pillows are prescribed for the relief of insomnia, cervical aches and pains, snoring and tension headaches. In general use they are used to provide a luxurious method of relaxing and easing work a day strain and tension.

How Do They Work?

Buckwheat pillows are quite firm but mold themselves to the shape of your head and neck. The unique way that the buckwheat moves within the pillow means that it stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The buckwheat makes a very comfortable sleeping and relaxing surface because there is equal support to the whole area. This eliminates common pillow problems like lumpiness or an unnatural position.

What Form of Buckwheat is Used?

While referred to as buckwheat pillows they should really be called buckwheat hull pillows. The hull is the hard shell that protects the kernel of the buckwheat. They are a 100 percent natural product that is farm grown. Often buckwheat that is used by pillow manufacturers is organically grown. Using a buckwheat pillow for the first time might seem a little unusual. The filling might feel a little rough. It might take you a little time to get used to the idea of forming the pillow to the shape and posture of your head and neck. You will soon feel the benefit and enjoy your pillow.

How Can They Be Adjusted?

A great advantage to using buckwheat as a filler is that you can remove some of the filling to make the pillow softer or add more to make it firmer. As the pillows age the buckwheat hulls become shiny and slide over each other much more easily so they conform to your shape quicker. To replace the volume that is worn down in this process it is usual to add about 7 percent of the volume of the original filling after a couple of years.

Ecologically Sound

The cost of producing synthetic fillings for pillows is quite high from an environmental view point. Organically grown buckwheat hulls save all that cost and even if they are discarded are fully biodegradable.

Long Lasting

The buckwheat hulls are very durable and may last as long as 10 years. This is much longer than most types of pillow.

Home Safety

Despite being dry and of vegetable matter buckwheat hulls are very difficult to burn. This natural fire proofing means that even if a burning cigarette was to fall on the cushion it would not cause a fire.

Light Weight

Buckwheat hulls are very light. Even if you fell asleep and the pillow moved around to cover your mouth the natural ventilation effect would mean that you probably would not even have your sleep disturbed.

Buckwheat pillows are special in many ways. Most of all they are special for the sheer power of relaxation they provide.