When & Why in Using Gypsum Board When & Why in Using Gypsum Board

Gypsum board is the common material used when remodeling, or building a house. Gypsum board is used for many applications. Before you start working with it, you'll want to acquire an understanding of what gypsum board truly is, how it is used and why it is a material of choice among home builders.

What Is Gypsum Board?

Gypsum board is a technical term for drywall. It is a layer of pressed gypsum between two sheets of paper that cover it. Gypsum board is fairly water resistant, and can be found in different forms, including green board, which is completely water resistant.

What Are Its Uses?

Gypsum board is used in both remodeling projects and new construction. Gypsum board is used for interior walls, ceilings, and more.

Gypsum is inexpensive, so the smart homeowner uses this board in everything he or she possibly can. Gypsum board actually makes up about 80 percent of the interior of the home. That means that what you and your family, as well as guest can see visually inside your home is mainly made up of gypsum. However, on the other side of that, even though it makes up about just everything interior wise, it only counts for about 3 percent of your remodel or home construction. So, in looking at that it's an amazing investment. Cost is very low, but the return is so great!

Why Is Gypsum Used?

Gypsum board is greatly used for many reasons.

  1. Water resistant—Gypsum board is a bit water resistant in the first place, however as stated before there are now forms of gypsum board that are called green board that are completely water resistant. This is important to prevent the growth of mold in your walls.
  2. Fire Safety—Gypsum board is not only water resistant, but on the flip side, it is fire resistant as well. Gypsum board is used in houses for safety reasons among the many. Gypsum board will not spread fire like wood, or other materials used.
  3. Noise control—Nowadays there is more noise than ever. Not only can you hear your neighbors lawn mower, but how about the train, or the sirens, or your neighbors dog barking. Gypsum board helps in reducing the amount of noise you are able to hear in your house from the outside. Also, when used a separation walls, it keeps the privacy of one room out of the room on the other side.
  4. Easy to Work With—Gypsum board is pretty easy to work with. While there are steps involved in giving it a professional look, it is very easily done. Using gypsum for your walls provides a product that is smooth, and easy to finish, resulting in a very nice looking surface.

Gypsum is available in different thicknesses. The thicker the board, the more fire safe, and soundproof your walls will be. Choose a gypsum board that best suits the purpose of the room in which it will be fitted.



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