When and How to Use Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are a must when attaching something to brick, concrete or stucco. They do add an extra step to the process but without them your DIY project simply will not work. 

When to Use Anchor Bolts

Use anchor bolts if you are affixing something to a wall made of stucco, brick or concrete. There are many kinds of anchor bolts, some to be fitted into wet cement and some to be installed after the concrete has set. Ask a professional if you are purchasing the correct anchor bolts for your project. 


First determine the size of the anchor bolts and nuts that will hold whatever you are attaching to the wall. The bolts need to be big enough to hold the load but you will not be able to place them too close to each other because that could damage the wall. 


If you are installing your anchor bolts into a wall, first drill the holes that the bolts will sit in. After a hole is drilled, make sure it is free from dust and then place your anchor bolt in it, hitting the bolt with a hammer to ensure it is completely in the hole. Then tighten the nut and your installation is complete.