When are Masonry Wall Ties Needed? When are Masonry Wall Ties Needed?

Masonry wall tiles have a number of different advantages which make them ideal in construction projects. They can be bought in very large quantities which means you will often get a discount when buying them. Application and use is very easy but you need to know about the situations when they are needed.

What are they?

Masonry wall tiles are from the ceramic material family. They are often laid in sequence and bound by a much thicker substance such as concrete or mortar. Masonry tiles are extremely durable, which makes them ideal in housing projects because they will not wear down due to weathering. These wall tiles are very dense, which means they can only be used in a limited way. There is no way of using them on non-square shaped walls unless those walls are reinforced.

When to Use Them

Masonry wall tiles are very heat resistant. This makes them ideal to use in buildings, which are more likely to be subjected to different fire hazards. They are also needed in areas where the weather is more violent. Debris thrown up from events like a hurricane will not damage masonry wall tiles, which makes them ideal for protecting the outer wall of a building.

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