When Is a Drill Bit Extension Necessary?

A drill bit extension is a handy tool for attaching to a drill. It works in a very similar way to a drain snake, in that the bit is fitting to the extension and in turn, the extension is operated from the drill end to tighten a screw or drill a hole.

Why Use One?

It is not necessary to use a drill bit extension unless the job you are working on involves tight corners or hard to reach places. The common attributes of a drill bit extension in relation to the drain snake is that the snake allows drain clearance from a ‘remote control’ perspective, as does the extension.

Small Spaces

If you need to reach into small enclosed areas where a hammer will not have any leverage you can employ a drill bit extension to screw the article down instead of hammering it.

When do I Need One?

Let’s suppose you are working on a roofing project and the area you need to access is a small tight lip under the awning. If you need to place roof tiles down and you have no room to swing a hammer, a drill bit extension will allow you to bend the extension into the tiny area to work. Any tight spot or work area where there are hidden holes or screws will require the use of a drill bit extension to save you time and effort.