When Is a Water Pressure Booster Pump Necessary?

A water pressure booster pump may be necessary if a home receives low water pressure from a municipal water supplier or from a deep well. These booster pumps can increase the water pressure in a house by as much as 70 psi. 

Where Booster Pumps Are Needed

If a home is near the far end of a municipal water supply system or high above it, gravity may be affecting the water pressure. Similarly, if the water pressure is low in apartments at the top of a tall building, or in a house that is serviced by a deep or distant well, gravity may be decreasing the efficiency of the water delivery. In these cases a water pressure booster pump is necessary. Also, if the water delivery system relies on gravity to deliver the water, rather than a pressure system (this is the case only in very small towns), it would be appropriate to install a booster.

How to Tell if a Booster Pump Is Needed

Look to see if the water pressure is bad in all rooms of the house. Next, check to make sure there are no leaks, kinks, or clogs in the house's plumbing or the plumbing fixtures. Also, ask a plumber to measure the water pressure before the water pressure regulator, or with the regulator opened up all the way. If the water pressure is below 40 psi, a booster pump is needed.