When Is Concrete Mudjacking an Option for Concrete Repair? When Is Concrete Mudjacking an Option for Concrete Repair?

Using concrete mudjacking to repair a patio or path is becoming more and more popular. Mudjacking allows you to repair a small area of the concrete without doing any damage to the surrounding material, and without having to remove large sections of concrete to get at the part that is damaged.

What Concrete Mudjacking Is

Mudjacking involves digging or drilling a number of small holes into the concrete around the part that has sagged or subsided. Into these holes, a certain amount of repair liquid is poured, and then allowed to harden. This raises up the concrete which has fallen.

Choosing to Use Concrete Mudjacking

Almost any type of damaged surface can be restored using the concrete mudjacking method. Concrete areas in the garden or patio which have sunk can be repaired using this method without having to consult anyone. Choosing to use this on patios, pathways and garages is a good money-saving option.

The only time where you should be more cautious about using mudjacking is when the concrete which has fallen is inside the home. This may indicate a more serious problem, such as subsidence, which needs to be examined by a professional. Even if you do call in an expert, this does not mean that the concrete mudjacking method will not be used.

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