When to Choose an Axial Extractor Fan

An extractor fan is an appliance that removes condensed air in the form of steam, fumes or stale air from a room and expels it into the atmosphere. Extractor fans facilitate the freshening up of the environment in the house or room. There are two types of fans in use in most establishments: the axial fan and the centrifugal fan. In some areas, mixed flow extractor fans may also be used. Your choice of fan will depend on your specific needs. Here are some considerations in when to choose to put up an axial extractor fan.


The axial extractor fan is ideal in situations where one does not want to spend too much on the appliance. Axial fans are the most common fans today due to their low cost of manufacture. They are also very compact. They are used to cool power systems in computers and to freshen up rooms. Therefore, if you are operating on a shoestring budget the axial extractor fan may fit your requirements just right.


The position you select to place your fan will also determine the type of fan you choose. If your window were the location of choice, then the best type of fan would be an axial extractor fan. Axial fans function perfectly when mounted on windows. They operate very well with little or no duct system. However, if you wish to position the fan on the ceiling or the wall, then your best option would be the centrifugal fan. This is because such a location would require the use of a duct system. Axial extraction fans are not able to handle the increased resistance to airflow that commonly occurs in the duct system. Where an axial fan is mounted on the wall, a small duct system may be necessary to facilitate functioning of the fan.  In such an instance, the ducts should be installed straight and level, and avoid bending or twisting of the duct for best performance.

Size of the Room

Axial fans function best in small to medium sized rooms. Axial extractor fans are not very powerful and are easily affected by air flow resistance. If the room is large its best to use a centrifugal extractor fan. Centrifugal fans have the ability to overcome air pressure resistance that is common in large open spaces.

Domestic vs Industrial

The type of extractor fan you choose will also depend on the functions carried out in your premises. Axial extractor fans are ideal for domestic usage. They perform efficiently and effectively where there is minimal industrial or commercial activity.  Establishments that generate large volumes of steam and fumes, such as hotel kitchens or big laundries, should use the centrifugal extractor fan.