When to Fertilize Your Trees When to Fertilize Your Trees

If you have a garden and you are planting trees in it, then you may want to know when is the right time to fertilize these trees. The best you can do to your trees is to fertilize them at anytime and in any season of the year. Make sure that the soil has all the nutrients necessary to maintain your trees in good health.

1 – Testing the Soil

In order to check the richness of the soil, you need to take a sample and have it tested in a laboratory. Make sure that the trees get enough nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus during their growing process. In case the soil is found out to be poor, then you need to give it the nutrients yourself so that it will be able to nourish your trees properly.

2 – Enriching the Soil

It is highly recommended that you enrich the soil with nitrogen during spring and summer, whereas you can expose your trees to light whenever you want. The more light, the better. On the other hand, you are advised to read carefully the instructions on the label of the fertilizer package to see how much potassium and phosphorus is needed to enrich the soil.

In case your trees are still young, it would be more appropriate for them if you fertilize them between the end of March and the beginning of June. After the trees grow to a particular height, you can reduce the quantity of fertilizer and start fertilizing them only once every year.

3 – Protecting the Trees

Many people agree that trees can also be fertilized in the fall, but you must calculate a maximum of eight weeks before they drop their leaves. Make sure that you fertilize the trees in time. This is because if you fertilize them when the time has elapsed, the trees can grow anyway but then after the wintery months have passed, your trees will not be strong enough to fight disease, insects or other pests.

4 – Taking Care Of the Environment

Keep in mind that when grown in their natural environment or habitat, the trees will grow better than anywhere else. You need to make sure that your garden looks similar to the natural habitat where the trees usually grow. This is because if you do so, you will not need to apply as much ferilizer as you did before, and the soil in their habitat is naturally enriched with all the minerals and nutrients needed.

Another thing which you can do is leaving the dead leaves under the tree on the ground during the fall. Do not remove the leaves near the trees, because thanks to their roots, the trees are able to take in the nutrients and minerals from the leaves that have fallen from their branches.

If you live somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere with a temperate climate, you can also apply fertilizer to the soil throughout the timeline between fall and the middle of spring. During this period, the roots of the trees will absorb the minerals and nutrients, and focus their usage on good health rather than growth; the minerals and nutrients will be used to develop stronger roots and to make the trees more resistant to disease.

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