When to Plant a Boxwood When to Plant a Boxwood

Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is used extensively for hedges and topiary. The following provides some tips to help you choose the right time to plant your boxwood.

Spring or Fall

The ideal time to plant boxwood is in the fall or in the spring. To have the best chance of success, work the soil before you plant. Boxwoods like slightly acidic, well drained soil and semi-shady conditions.


If you are thinking of planting a boxwood close to one that is already established, you can use the existing plant. Take a live stem from the existing plant. Lay it on the ground where you were going to plant the new shrub and put a stone on top of it. The stone must be heavy enough to hold the stem on the ground. Using this method, you can ‘plant’ boxwoods literally at any time of the year.


If you water a newly planted boxwood too often, you will find that it will only develop shallow roots. To encourage your boxwood evergreen shrub to grow deep roots, only water them when the soil has dried out.

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