When to Send Out Wedding Invites When to Send Out Wedding Invites

When planning a wedding, it is easy to put the wedding invites to one side, and leave them to the last minute. This can be a big mistake, particularly if you are having your wedding during the summer, or in the festive season.

When to Mail Your Wedding Invites

The ideal time to send out wedding invites between 3 and 4 months before the wedding: but if your big day is going to take place during the summer holidays, or at the end of December, then you should consider sending out wedding invites as soon as possible.

Forward Planning

Even before you have the wedding invites themselves, if you plan to marry during a busy season, you should let people know by sending them a small card with the date of your big day on it. If you are marrying at the end of June, for example, then send either wedding invites or date cards out at least by the end of January; and don't for get to get your guests to RSVP by the  end of April!

If you are marrying in December, then you can start sending out wedding invites in July, or August; get them to let you know by the end of October. This gives everyone plenty of time to make arrangements.

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