When to Spray Fruit Trees with Pesticide

Fruit trees grown in your garden give you the ultimate satisfaction of plucking and eating fruits straight from the trees grown by you. Pest control is a very important process to ensure that the quality and yield of fruits are not affected. It is also important to use the pesticides at the right time for good results. Following are some useful tips regarding when to spray your favorite fruit trees with their respective pesticides.

  • Be prepared with insecticides during most stages of fruit development. Fruit trees are especially prone to pest attacks during the fruit formation and development stages.
  • Pesticide application is absolutely essential when insects start attacking leaves and fruits on the trees.
  • Blooming time is not appropriate for spraying fruit trees with insecticides. This could harm their pollination agents.
  • It is vital to keep in mind that different fruit trees are prone to different kinds of pests. For instance, you may have to be on the look out for maggot fly infestations in apples (which can be treated by application of red sticky spheres) and for psylla in pears (which can be treated by application of dormant oil).

Pesticides are poisonous; so follow the safety measures carefully. Remember that many of the pest-related problems could be easily avoided by planting disease-resistant cultivars and plants that are certified to be disease-free.