When to Trim a Pear Tree

Perhaps the most important aspect of proper pear tree maintenance is when to trim the tree. Healthy pear trees enhance the value and appearance of almost any property. Pear trees provide shade and adorn the yard with their delightful buds, and, when properly maintained, they provide fresh, delicious pears. While pear trees do not require frequent trimming, they must be trimmed at least once each year.

When to Trim?

Pear trees are best trimmed at the end of the Fall Season or early Winter. Trimming between the months of September through December reduces the risk of cutting off fruit buds during the pruning process. Pruning will be easier if you wait until the leaves have fallen off the tree, so that you can see its outline clearly while pruning. This is especially important when trimming particularly thick trees, so that crossover branches can be identified for removal.

Protect Your Tree and Encourage Fruit Production

Pruning in the coldest weather helps prevent fire-blight. Fire Blight can be a deadly disease, in which bacteria enters the tree via wounds.  Fire-blight is less likely to occur during cold months because it is more difficult for the bacteria to grow. In addition, trimming your pear tree between the months of September and December encourages fruit production and consistent growth throughout the spring and summer seasons.