When to Use a Nail Set or a Nail Gun

A nail set and a nail gun, although they serve a similar purpose in construction, are two different tools that are used in building projects. A nail set is a small tool that looks similar to an ice pick and is used to drive a finish nail into the surface of the wood, whereas a nail gun is a device that is used to fire nails mechanically. As mentioned earlier, both devices involve the same purpose, which is to drive nails on a particular surface. However, there is a big difference between the two when it comes to their uses. The question about when it is better to use one tool or the other can be answered in this article. Thus here are some of the tasks that describe which tool is indispensable and the reasons why this tool is preferred over the other one.

Furniture Making

When it comes to making fine pieces of furniture, the best tool to use is a nail set. The nail set carefully drives a nail in the wood with a smooth finish, thus preventing the formation of cracks that will affect the quality of the furniture. In fact, a lot of furniture hobbyists always use a nail set whenever they are making any types of furniture. This is the reason why fine pieces of furniture seem to look flawless as soon as they are painted and sold.

Installation of Wooden Floor Tiles

Floor installers also consider nail sets as indispensable tool to use when attaching wooden tiles on the floor. This particular tool also helps retain the smooth finish of the floor tiles, thus it will look as if the wooden floor tiles are attached to the floor using adhesives instead of nails. What is advantageous with a nail set is that it can drive stubborn finish nails, that stick out from your floor tiles which can cause accidents to any member of your family.

Installation of Wall Beams and Ceiling Joists

When it comes to the installation of wooden beams and joists for the ceiling and walls, nail guns are preferred over nail set. What makes nail guns a more preferred tool for this particular job is that the task can be done faster than using the traditional hammer to drive nails to the beams. Since the wall beams and ceiling joists are usually covered by boards after its installation, it does not matter whether the nails that are driven into the joists are neatly indented in the surface of the wood. What’s more, the nail guns can also accommodate larger nails, thus they are favored well in most construction projects.

Installation of Roofing Shingles

Installation of roof shingles requires the power of nail gun, and this is the reason why roof installers prefer nail gun to fix shingles on the roof and hold them properly in place. And since nail guns can support any kinds of nails, they also have the capacity to install thick shingles made from any type of wooden material.