When to Use a Sawtooth Shovel

The sawtooth shovel takes its name from the sharp teeth that run along the blade. While it isn't a tool that you will use every day, it can ease the back-breaking work that heavy gardening sometimes requires.

Cutting Roots

If you are digging up a large bush or shrub that you don't want to grow back, a sawtooth shovel will get the job done. The sharp teeth are designed to cut through roots with ease. It will save you a lot of time over using a standard rounded shovel, especially becase you may have to use a second tool to cut through strong roots.

Hard and Compacted Soil

If you are expanding your current garden, a sawtooth shovel can help you prepare the area. Because it has sharp teeth, getting in to compacted or hard clay-like soil will be much easier. This shovel will break up the soil as you dig and prepare the area.

Other Uses

Many construction workers carry sawtooth shovels with them. They can be used to pry old shingles and nails off of roofs with ease, chipping through ice and getting through heavily forested areas with little effort.