When to Use a Small Exhaust Fan

The demand for small exhaust fans is indeed exhaustive! Where there is heat and where there is pollution exhaust fans are required and used. Be it in homes, offices, public places, factories, manufacturing units, theaters, hotels, restaurants, shops, or malls, there is a demand for these small exhaust fans. With some expert technical advice you can easily find the right size and model for your needs. They could be mounted on windows, walls and even ceilings.

Bathrooms and Toilets

Bathrooms and toilets are normally devoid of ventilation as when in use the doors are always closed. Who would want to remain in a cubicle for more than a few moments if you have to inhale impure air which is the by-product of activities conducted there! No bathroom or toilet is complete without ensuring that the bad air produced there should have an outlet. And therefore a small ductless bathroom fan installed on the wall or ceiling would be the ideal solution.


A small utility exhaust fan is the answer to take care of stale odors coming from the kitchen which would otherwise permeate the whole area of the house. There are exhaust fans that also cool down the area and this greatly helps reduce the heat coming from ovens and stoves. The small exhaust fans that would be mounted in the kitchen should therefore have the capacity for cooling the place and displacing bad air. This is especially crucial in large kitchens found in restaurants for instance.

Work Stations

In work stations, factories and production areas that are divided into small sections, small exhaust fans that dissipate heat and control temperatures would be a compulsory component for speed and efficiency of the installed equipment. There are small exhaust fans that partner with small motors to keep the motors cool while they are used continuously for protracted periods.

Ceiling Exhaust Fans

These small exhaust fans, which are often called whisper ceiling fans, displace hot air around the ceiling and are expected to perform noiselessly. These utility exhaust fans can be used in any situation be it in homes, hotels or offices.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners cannot do without exhaust fans. Window air conditoners come with small exhaust fans as that is the main role an air conditioner plays—displacing hot and stale air inside rooms while the cooling system does its job.

The main role of these small exhaust fans is to purify the air around small areas, and also cool the place by helping displace warm air. Small exhaust fans are here to stay and there is no utility that comes without these fans being part of the set up. In factories for example it is mandatory to provide exhaust fans where workers spend lengthy hours at their jobs. There are several companies who are into manufacturing and marketing small exhaust fans at reasonable prices. The choice and selection of exhaust fans could best be left to technical experts as you need to look at the suitability of each brand and model.