When to Use a Wood Wax Finish When to Use a Wood Wax Finish

A wood wax finish on any piece of wood furniture offers a shiny, gleaming look. Wood wax can be used on treated or untreated wood to bring out the grain and natural design.

Interior Wood

Interior wood surfaces benefit greatly from the use of waxes. Bees wax is especially excellent for polishing fine finished furniture. The bees wax penetrates deep into the wood to protect and nourish it. It prevents the wood from drying out and gives a healthy glow. French polishers use wax to fine polish antique wood and give it a new lease of life.

Exterior Wood

Wax can be safely used on exterior wood but it will not offer a long lasting protection. It will keep the wood marginally water resistant for a very short time but it does not offer the same level of protection as a water resistant varnish. You can use a wax finish on varnished wood and it can be polished to create a deep, rich shine.

When to Choose Wax

Wax can be used in conjunction with wood stains as well as alone. Staining wood merely colors the patina of the woods natural grain but wax can be applied as a natural polishing agent to bring out the details of the grain.

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